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Our Policies Regarding The Use Of Web Beacons, Cookies, And Other Tracking Technologies

This report was created in order to provide information to our clients and visitors who are seeing how our various devices, such as treats, online guides, and other methods, are being used. We declare here that these technologies could be used on our websites, applications, and other related platforms. All of the previously stated policies and statements apply to our use of these tracking technologies as well as the use of these technologies by our colleagues, contractors, and sellers in their capacity as authorised agents.

We have included a thorough description of the use of the aforementioned tracking technologies for anyone who are curious about how we utilise them.
This document is provided to make sure all of our clients, visitors, and readers are aware of how their data is being used. Please take a moment to read our terms of service and privacy policies. Our support staff is available to answer any queries you may have around-the-clock.

Cookies: Different Types and Uses

Most websites that you visit will install small files on your device. These files go by the name of cookies. Cookies impact desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and other linked devices. Cookies that we and others place are often used to collect information about how you use our website and other technologies. We can recall past visits thanks to cookies, which also make our website easier to use. For more information, keep reading.

Most websites, including Dissertation Proposalsinstall “temporary files” on your computer or mobile device called cookies. Websites may store cookies on smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and other linked devices, among other devices. Most websites, including ours, use cookies to collect information about your usage of our tools and site navigation. Cookies allow websites to recognize and simplify navigation for their most regular users. For more information, keep reading.
Meeting Treats: A session cookie is a one-time file that is automatically removed at the conclusion of a session and remains on your device for the length of that session.

Third-Party Cookies: We have no control over, nor responsibility for, outside services that are downloaded via various means, such as promotions.
Lasting Cookies: Persistent cookies are quite useful in ensuring that visitors have a nice experience. Persistent cookies remain on your device even after you close a webpage. To guarantee that every visitor to our website has a great experience, the majority of our cookies are persistent.
First Party Cookies: When you browse our website, first-party cookies are set up. These are the cookies that are used, among other things, to remember your name, preferences, and previous actions. You won’t need to input duplicate data if you agree to these cookies. Our goal in employing these delights is to simplify your experience on our website.

Web Detector: Transparent pictures stored on displays are known as Web Beacons. They are employed to gather information about user activity on emails and websites.

Related Technologies: It’s probable that your device(s) has(have) more cookies, such as those for Flash, HTML5, local storage objects, and other technologies not on this list. Neither we nor anybody else uses these technologies for tracking or targeting.

Cookies from Primary and Secondary Sources: Through the use of advertisement cookies, we may enhance our user experience and show you information and ads that we think you’ll find interesting.

We retain the right to enter into agreements with other vendors that might offer any of the following or related services:

Anyone who provides us with material on our websites or other platforms; Anyone who offers us tools to use on our websites, apps, or any other place we provide our services Anyone who offers any kind of assistance or functioning.

These third parties are our approved agents. Consequently, they may employ technologies such as cookies, beacons, and others in a manner similar to our own. Furthermore, data like your IP address and device information could be gathered by these cookies. When you consent to the use of different services, you are presumably agreeing to these outside satisfactions.

Please use the links below to learn more about how to prevent and remove cookies. We’ve made the decision to offer links to the most widely used browsers.

For your convenience, the most popular browsers and ways to delete and disable cookies are mentioned below. For additional details on doing so, click on the links:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

Although cookies may be removed and blocked, you should also be aware that cookies are required for many websites, including Dissertation Proposals, to function properly. It’s also important to keep in mind that blocking treats may cause some websites to function improperly. Nevertheless, cookies can still be utilised even after your cache and cookies have been deleted. They are downloaded and saved again when you visit the website later.

Your Agreement to the Use of Cookies and Related Technologies

Cookies are required for our website to operate correctly and show you relevant information and ads. Every time you use our website, application, messenger services, or any other channel for communicating with us, you grant us permission to utilise web beacons, cookies, and other tracking technologies. If you choose to withdraw your consent, you may go into your browser’s settings and clear the cache and cookies, stopping them from being used going forward.

Cookies-using websites could periodically ask you for personal data, usually your contact details. Furthermore, certain websites could ask you questions on your preferences. This type of data is filled out and submitted, kept on your device, and added to cookies when you return to the same page. This is how websites remember you. Cookies can be modified or removed based on how you use the website.

Further Details Regarding Our Usage of Website Beacons, Cookies, and Other Tracking Technologies

The technology and files that are covered have a wide range of applications. Most of the time, they help us make sure that our websites and online services are operating properly. They also provide us further tools and capabilities to improve the way users interact with our website.

A few services and tutorials are thought of as fundamental for our websites to function properly for you. If those cookies are blocked, you won’t be able to view your orders, access your accounts, or use our website as intended. The website may not work properly and pages may not load if you disable certain cookies. No personal data is stored by these cookies. Without certain cookies, security measures might not function as intended.

Every day, we strive to make our website a better experience for users. We may also choose to employ performance cookies, which gather data about your usage of our website and services. Furthermore, the information collected by these cookies is used to improve the functioning and performance of each and every one of our websites. Performance cookies do not save personal information. You may encounter technical difficulties and security problems if you reject these cookies, which will prevent you from using our website.
We adhere to severe protection plan guidelines to guarantee that every piece of data our clients provide us is safe and secure.

The only essential information we need to process your order are your name and contact data, including your phone number and email address.

Your data is not accessible to outside parties.

Considering everything, every request has a unique proof number that may be tracked to ensure security and well-being.

There will be no direct connection between the writer and the consumer due to security and privacy concerns.

We use a strict check and balance mechanism to manage and stop unauthorised data access

Refund Policy:

Dissertation Proposals will keep offering its clients top-notch writing services; nevertheless, in the case of significant problems or setbacks, clients may ask for a refund subject to the guidelines that follow.

We have created a thorough return policy that is detailed below for our clients. Please review our return policy for money before submitting a claim. The following are the key points of the policy:

Deliveries Made Following the Deadline

Our top priority is delivering your articles and assignments on schedule. We constantly make an effort to fulfil the timeframes set by our clients. However, a fault that delays delivery might occur because of technological problems. You can address the problems with your order with our 24/7 client service staff if it comes beyond the delivery date. You can always receive a refund if there is an unjustifiable explanation for the delay in the delivery of your item.

If the deadline we provided you has passed and you are no longer in need of the dissertations we prepared, we will either issue you store credits that you may use in the future or offer you a complete refund. Please be sure that your refund request is related to the deadline you have selected.

If you utilized our custom dissertation and turned it in after the deadline, you will only receive a partial refund; the teacher will take a few points off your score. Furthermore, in that case, you will also need to submit proof of the marks you lost due to late submission in order to be qualified for the reimbursement.

What Takes Place If The Dissertations Don't Live Up To The Expectations?

Our dissertations are usually of the highest calibre, but in the unlikely event that it isn’t, we make changes. Your dissertations will be edited, and we won’t give you a refund if we can accurately fix all of the mistakes. But if your requests satisfy these requirements, your claim for a refund will be taken into consideration:

In the unlikely event that the document is entirely fake. Give us an opportunity to edit even though Turn It In examines all of our writings if you can show instances of plagiarism and the proof is authentic. If updating is not possible before the cutoff period, we will either issue you a full refund or provide you in-store credits.

If you get drafts, it is your duty to continuously review them for accuracy and to let us know right away. You’ll get a refund if the mistakes or issues you reported are not resolved. If the problems are not revealed right away, there won’t be any reimbursements at the end.

Although our team of professionals and experts attentively follows your directions, we urge you to use our free revisions until you are happy with the work. We provide four weeks of limitless free changes upon receipt of your final dissertations. You cannot receive a refund if you take advantage of this offer.

After reviewing the document, our Quality Assurance staff will assess your dissatisfaction with the adjustments and provide a just return. Remember that there is no return available for the dissertations that were turned in.

In The Event That The Final Dissertations Do Not Reach You
Although conveyance setbacks are very rare, you can ask for a complete refund or shop credit if you don’t receive the completed documents at all and the client support team hasn’t responded to your inquiry after more than two full business/working days.
Specific Problem With The Instalments

Errors or other specific problems may be the reason for an additional or double instalment allowance.

Should you have received a double or higher charge, please notify us right once with documentation. The additional money will be returned to you after the issue has been identified and investigated.

In order to prevent issues down the road, you should instead raise the payment company’s notice if there are issues with the payments.

Free Cancellation on Your End Within 24 Hours of Making the Change
Following the placement of an order, you have 24 hours to alter your mind. If the writer has started working on your order and it has already been processed, you need to proceed. If crossing out during the specified time frame, you can ask for a complete refund or shop credits. You may use the shop credit to purchase any other assignment of equal value right away after cancelling your transaction.
Failed Dissertations: Three Weeks for a Refund With Proof
It is impossible to fail any project given by our knowledgeable and experienced authors, who work hard to give you the best assignments available. Even if, in the unlikely event that you are unsuccessful, you retain all rights to ensure a discount in about three weeks or twenty-one days from the date of booking. You will be repaid 50% of the order total since our authors are paid in advance and cannot be returned. You will not receive a refund after the three-week period has passed, even if you provide proof.
Expected Grades: We Promise Quality, but We Cannot Promise Specific Grades
We do our best to deliver you dissertations that are immaculate in language, formatting, and structure, but we are not able to promise that you will receive an A+. Your grade is based on your overall performance in the classroom for the whole term or semester.
How Can I Make a Refund Request?
You should speak with our client service team if you are eligible for a discount and need to ensure it so they can take immediate action. You have three weeks from the day your assignment is due to obtain a refund. We prohibit any third parties, including credit card companies, PayPal, and government agencies, from getting involved.

Time of Refund

The refund period is the time range that a refund claim must be submitted within. It takes three weeks for a refund to be processed. The commencement of the three-week refund period is the client’s order deadline. There will be no acceptance of claims once the refund deadline has passed.

Within three weeks of the order deadline, you are eligible for a refund as long as you provide documentation. The discount period must be strictly adhered to, as any cases received after that time will not be accepted or handled.


Dissertation Proposals vehemently contests chargebacks. Our friendly, round-the-clock client service team should be contacted if you need assistance. Any client who files a chargeback will be flagged as fraudulent. Furthermore, we have the right to pursue legal action if we have any cause to suspect that someone is unjustly profiting from our services.
How soon will the reimbursement be handled?

Within at least 48 hours, the QAD will review the order and give reports that will allow the refund to be approved. Clients are advised to exercise patience and let the teams finish the procedure. After the refund is authorised, the money will be sent within the following 24 hours.

The order must be examined by our Quality Assurance Department for a minimum of 48 hours before refund requests with reports may be approved. Please be patient while our staff handles the refunds. Once your reimbursements are processed, you will get them within the following 24 hours.

Refunds are given if the claim satisfies all requirements for reimbursement and the quality assurance division accepts the case.

A complete refund is defined as 90% of the amount paid. The 10% reduction is made up of the transaction and service fees paid to the payment gateway provider.

Policy on Revision Should clients feel that their work falls short of their expectations or is not to their satisfaction, Dissertation Proposals provides a revision service. These are some specific situations in which clients can and cannot matter for the changes below.

Modification Structures

Please make sure that the dissertations we sent you may be reviewed again in the unlikely event that they don’t fulfil the requirements you specified at the time the request was submitted.

Please take notice that if you add any new requirements to your amendment request that are an alternative above your previous requirements, you should be aware that they will be paid as needed as they do not yet view change as an option.

Make sure you submit an application for modifications within four weeks of receiving the final copy of your dissertations. After this period, it is assumed that you will be satisfied and that your documents will be considered authorised.

To prevent issues, bear these criteria in mind while submitting an application for modifications. For further information, contact us at any time.

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