Term And Conditions

Enrollment and Placing Orders

Students can use the order form on the company’s website, give customer care a call, send an email, or initiate a chat session.

The consumer fills out the order form that is given. The order form has to contain all relevant information regarding the order, including the specifications provided by the students. The students also have the choice to define the limits of the order and the scope of work, as well as to communicate their requirements to the support staff.

Order Payments

Modifications to an Order


The business is dedicated to protecting students’ information. The company does not allow account creation on the website in order to fully avoid gathering students’ information. On the order detail form, the students are able to provide any and all information.

Money-Back Promise

We provide our students the option to ask for a complete refund if any of the following circumstances are satisfied. If your request does not fall under one of the categories mentioned, you can submit an appeal with our customer service department.

Dissatisfied with the Revisions

The quality control division receives the services from the students and confirms that it satisfies all specifications.

Being Unable to Meet The Time Limit

The time conveyance difference is calculated separately for every scenario. 7% of the total is used to make up for the delayed orders.

Poor Quality

In the case that the service is subpar and falls short of the deliverables, the buyer is entitled to a refund of their money. However, prior to this happening, a customer care team is contacted to get information about the problem. The students must submit specific feedback that demonstrates the discrepancy between the desired result and the requirements of the request.
Processing of Refunds

If the student’s case is accepted, the company will start processing the refund request five business days from the confirmation date. Please be advised that any delays resulting from problems with the company’s banking will not be covered by insurance.

The customer may be responsible for a certain amount of the refund transaction’s processing. When the amount of the transaction is small, it cannot be processed because it barely covers the bank and client’s transaction fee.

A portion of the processing costs associated with the refund transaction may fall on the consumer. Smaller transactions are ineligible for processing since the bank and students transaction fees are hardly covered.

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